Hari-Style Meridian Therapy in Santa Fe

News / Sunday, May 24th, 2020

After the long haul of 2020, we plan to offer an introductory and refresher course on Hari-Style Meridian Therapy in Santa Fe in September, taught by Ehrland Truitt, DOM.  

This seminar will cover the fundamental concepts of Hari diagnosis and treatment, including:  pulse diagnosis, hara (abdominal) diagnosis, channel palpation, tonifying and dispersive needling techniques, point selection and location, and how to formulate a basic root treatment in the Hari system.  The foundational concepts behind ki therapy and introductory ki breathing and movement practices will also be discussed and practiced.  This seminar is an excellent opportunity for new students to receive an introduction to Hari-style treatment as well as a chance for senior students to review the essential components of this style of acupuncture.

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