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NAJOM’s 2023 Seminar Series – No. 3 with Stephen Brown
Shudo-style Meridian Therapy

Sponsored by High Desert Hari Society, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 
Dates: October 28 & 29 (9am – 5pm each day)
Location: Sourcepoint Shiatsu Centre, Vancouver, BC, Canada
The Arrival of Qi is the secret behind Shudo-style acupuncture. Working with Qi minimizes force and maximizes effect. Learn how to engage the body and hands before, during, and after the needle placement to feel Qi. This seminar will reinforce the core practices of Meridian Therapy, hara, pulse and point palpation, and the Shudo-style needling techniques of SRT & SNT (super-rotation & secret needle techniques). These techniques will take your practice to another level.
Cost: USD $310

November 17-25, 2023 Acupuncture and Moxa Seminar with Dr Katai Shuichi in Tsukuba, Japan

The 2023 Acu Abroad with Dr. Katai is an interactive immersion in traditional Japanese acupuncture and moxibustion. Together, we will receive a blessing for a successful acupuncture practice from the sacred Ejima Sugiyama Shrine, explore the Edo Tokyo Museum, stroll around the Imperial Palace, marvel at the technology in Akihabara and hike Mt Takao, currently the most visited mountain in the world. After easing into Japan with cultural activities, we will spend two days in Dr. Katai’s nature-enclosed clinic learning and practicing pain management and OB/GYN theory and techniques directly from this well-published senior practitioner. Additionally, we will make rounds through the Tsukuba Technical University Integrative Medicine Center, observing real treatments with acupuncture, moxibustion and kampo herbal medicine compounding. We will finish off the trip with a round of observation in Dr. Katai’s International Doho Park Acu-Moxa Institute to see how he implements his unique style of gentle distal needling and moxibustion.

Sponsored by High Desert Hari Society, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 

SRT Club – Acupuncture Techniques Practice Group with Stephen Brown

8 wk series May 31 – Jul 12, Sep 6 – Oct 25
Stephen Brown is leading a zoom group on Japanese-style needle techniques including Master Shudo Denmei’s Super-rotation technique (SRT). In these sessions, Stephen will explain and demonstrate everything from breathing and posture to needle insertion and intention. Going beyond simple mechanics of needling, you will learn to how to use the body as a resonant field and feel far beyond the local tissue response. Every session will begin with some grounding and Qi exercises and then a few techniques will be demonstrated and these will be practiced together as a group. 

August 11-13, 2023 Qi, Blood and Fluids: An introductory Integration of Manual Medicine for Acupuncturists with Jeffrey Dann and Mark Petruzzi in Waikiki

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