Dashin and the Study of Jaki

With Hideo Takahashi, L.Ac
September 28 and 29, 2024

Sante Fe, NM

Fort Marcy Suites

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15  NCCAOM, CA, and TX continuing education credits pending

image0.jpegThis purpose of this seminar is to introduce the dashin technique to beginners by presenting it as a unique method of acupuncture with its own unique theory. In this method, the diagnosis is done exclusively through abdominal palpation and when the pathological findings are located, they are identified as jaki (pathogenic qi)and are treated directly. The aim of treatment is to eliminate jaki in order to resolve symptoms. As such, diagnosis and treatment are directly linked and do not require more than minimal unique theory. 

Hideo Takahashi introduces the modernized version of the dashin technique (using brass teishin and a small ebony mallet) and demonstrates how this method can be applied in your daily practice. By the end of this seminar, you should feel confident and comfortable in treating your patients’ abdomen and satisfied with the positive impacts you provided to your patients.

About the Instructor:

Born in Osaka, Japan in 1961, Hideo Takahashi was influenced by his mother who was a professional Kyo Yuzen artist, a traditional Kyoto-style dyeing technique on silk. Hideo has always been drawn to anything traditional that requires mastery. During his time as an acupuncture student at the Kansai College of Acupuncture and Bone-setting, Hideo saw for the first time the Fujimoto style of dashin technique, the classic method of Japanese acupuncture that requires a precise balance of tools and technique. Ever since that time, he has been fascinated by this classic acupuncture method and has been producing and experimenting with many dashin tools.

Later, Hideo moved to Vancouver, BC in 1992 where he established his acupuncture practice. From 1992 to 2007, he volunteered for the North American Journal of Oriental Medicine (NAJOM) founded by Junji Mizutani sensei. He has contributed numerous articles to NAJOM as well as to Shinkyu Osaka, an Osaka based acupuncture journal. Hideo has presented seminars on the dashin techniques in New York, Paris and Vancouver.

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Saturday, September 28
 Discussion of abdominal diagnosis and  treatments in Traditional Japanese Medicine, an exploration of the concept of Jaki, demonstration and practice of both superficial and deep diagnosis, history of the dashin, modern application of dashin, Master Fujimoto and Mubun’s abdominal charts, and practice of Dashin work. 

Sunday, September 29: Relating abdominal maps to acupuncture points, demonstration and practice of superficial and deep Dashin style and basic techniques of Mubun-style dashin. 

Times:Saturday and Sunday, 09/28/2024-09/29/2024 – 9:00 am – 5:30 pm with a one-hour lunch

Registration Fee:$400 for professionals, $350 for students

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