Advanced Clinical Applications of Extraordinary Vessel Treatment 2017

Advanced Clinical Applications of Extraordinary Vessel Treatment

Friday, Saturday and Sunday
March 31, April 1 and April 2, 2017

22.5 Continuing education credits with NCCAOM, California and Texas

With Meridian Therapy master and developer of this unique Extraordinary Vessel system of treatment Youki Miyawaki Sensei of the Morinomiya University of Medical Sciences Japan.
With the assistance of T. Koei Kuwahara Sensei, founder of The Hari Traditional Japanese Acupuncture System and Yukari Miyawaki Sensei Miyawaki Sensei’s clinical partner and wife.
Also joining us will be Stephen Brown translating.

On this very special weekend we welcome Youki Miyawaki sensei from Osaka, Japan, for an advanced clinical training in the use of the 8 Extraordinary Vessels . Miyawaki sensei will also introduce his ‘Super 4’ – a set of 4 points, supplemental to the traditional Extra Vessel system, that are useful in the treatment of psychosomatic and iatrogenic disorders common in our modern, busy lifestyles.

This program will start on Friday March 31 with a day of introduction which will be a benefit to both those who have studied with Miyawaki sensei before and those for whom this material is brand new.

Saturday, sensei will delve deeper into the theory and practice to prepare us for a day of supervised clinical practice on Sunday.

You do not need to have attended our previous workshop with Miyawaki Sensei in order to attend this Advanced training.

About the system: 
Miyawaki sensei has developed a system of diagnosis and treatment of the 8 Extraordinary Vessels through abdominal palpation and the use of copper/zinc pellets. Due to his blindness, Mr. Miyawaki’s ki sensitivity and palpation skills are highly refined and the knowledge and insight he shares are profoundly useful to the study and practice of acupuncture as a whole.

Miyawaki Sensei has developed a simple, methodical approach to E.V. treatment which can be immediately applied to any clinical practice. This workshop will transform your sensitivities, increase your awareness of the patient’s entire Ki system, and give you the tools to bring balance back to the meridian system through the use of the Extraordinary Vessels.

Miyawaki sensei’s abundant experience comes from his busy private practice in Japan where he has been implementing the use of this E.V. treatment for decades. He is also the author of the bestselling E.V. Treatment textbooks in Japan. He is a pillar in the Japanese Meridian Therapy world, a professor at Morinomiya University of Medical Sciences and brings great experience, heart, joy and sensitivity to his practice of the art of acupuncture.

The High Desert Hari Society is excited to offer this remarkable opportunity to study and implement Miyawaki Sensei’s unique system of Extra Vessel treatment in 3 day seminar!

March 31, April 1 & April 2, 2017
9:00 am – 5:30 pm each day

Registration Rates:
$600 for professionals
$500 for Acupuncture Students

Santa Fe Womens Club
1616 Old Pecos Trail
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Class size will be limited to 35 students for this course. Please register early to reserve your space. Registration is not complete and space cannot be held until complete payment is received by the office.

Cancellation Policy:
Full refund if cancelled on or before February 17, 2017.
No refunds for cancellations made after February 17, 2017

Who you will study with: 
Mr. Youki Miyawaki – Osaka, Japan
Miyawaki Sensei graduated from Kansai Therapeutic Institute in Japan in 1972 and was an apprentice to Tsuneo Yamamoto sensei and Kodo Fukushima sensei prior to opening his own clinic in 1977 in Osaka prefecture, Japan. He was an acupuncturist at the Shonai Hospital, Pain Clinic in Toyonaka-shi, Osaka from 1973-1980 and has been a longstanding member of the Toyo Hari Association. Upon organizing the Toyo Hari Medical Association North Osaka Branch, he was inaugurated as its Chairman in 1981. He is currently an honorary Chairman of the Kansai branch and was a teacher at the Kansai Therapeutic Institute from 1985-1992. In 1988 he received the prestigious Kozato prize from the Toyo Hari Association and in 1993 he traveled to the Untied States to teach his Extraordinary Vessel Treatment Method in Boston and Seattle for the first time. Miyawaki sensei has published many research papers in various Japanese medical journals and has published several books on the subjects of Extraordinary Vessel treatment and clinical experiences in acupuncture and moxibustion. He is currently teaching part-time at Morinomiya University of Medical Sciences: Acupuncture Department, while running his private clinic in Osaka, Japan.

Mr. T. Koei Kuwahara Lic.Ac.
He graduated from the Tokyo Therapeutic Institute in 1979. He researched and practiced meridian therapy for 15 years after graduating from TTI as an apprentice under Kodo Fukushima, renowned master and developer of the Toyo Hari system. Mr. Kuwahara has continued to develop the Hari (Japanese) style of acupuncture that draws from various systems practiced by his teachers: A. Okada, M. Ikeda, D. Shudo, T. Shiomi (Meridian therapy), K. Kudo (bloodletting), M. Tanioka (pediatrics), M. Nakagawa (Ki therapy), and 30 years of Aikido experience. He is an assistant professor at NESA and maintains a private practice in Watertown, MA.