Please make sure you have submitted a REGISTRATION FORM for the selected event prior to making payment.


For any HDHS event, make checks payable for the base rate* amount to HDHS and mail your payment:


826 Camino de Monte Rey, Suite A-1

Santa Fe, NM  87505

*Check payments do not incur the online convenience fees so you may make the check out for the base registration fee amount(s) listed first under each item below.


Click ‘Add to Cart’ under the applicable registration fee(s) then choose “Checkout with Paypal” in your cart at the top of the right side bar when you are ready to pay.

All fees listed below will show the following calculations:

Base rate listed first + online convenience fee = total fee for online payments. Please note that all online payments incur a non-refundable 3% convenience fee that is included in the prices below. 

Payments made by check are not subject to the online convenience fee. Online convenience fees are non-refundable.

Kampo Clinical Training Series Registration Fees

Base rate listed first + online convenience fee = total fee for online payments

Installment Payments
New Student – Installment Payments$1500 + 3% convenience fee = $1545.00
Return Student – Installment Payments$1100 + 3% convenience fee = $1133.00
Single Module RegistrationLimited to students who have completed a full series with Nigel in the past.
Return Student – Single Module $600.00 + 3% convenience fee = $618.00

Extra Vessels and Branch Treatments in Hari-Style Acupuncture Registration Fees

Professionals$300.00 + 3% convenience fee = $309.00
Students$250.00 + 3% convenience fee = $257.50


Please refer to the information pages of individual workshops (click on the title) for the applicable cancellation policy.