Taishi Hari Pediatric Acupuncture with Tanioka Sensei 2012

May 26-28, 2012

Taishi-Hari Acupuncture Techniques in the Treatment of Children (Shoni-Hari) and Adults. With special guest teacher Masanori Tanioka from Japan.

This may be the very last opportunity to study with Tanioka sensei outside of Japan!

Masanori Tanioka introduced his Taishi Shoni-Hari (Pediatric-Acupuncture) style of acupuncture treatment to the U.S. at a seminar in Boston, MA. Since then, many students have been asking him to return to teach a full weekend seminar in the Taishi style of acupuncture for children .

Finally, 10 years later, he returns to the U.S. with his daughter and 20 year Shoni-Hari practitioner Junko Shuto, and with the assistance of T. Koei Kuwahara of Culia Ki Clinic in Watertown, MA to teach his Taishi Style of acupuncture in the treatment of children with a special additional workshop day dedicated to applications in the treatment of adults!