Funamizu-style Teishin Acupuncture in Anchorage, AK

Mental health care using teishin needling

August 8-9, 2020
Anchorage, Alaska

Spirit Path Yoga and Wellness, Yoga Room

15  NCCAOM, CA and TX continuing education credits pending


Funamizu Sensei

Learn a gentle style of Teishin Acupuncture that is non-needle, non-insertive yet very effective. In this advanced two day seminar, participants will learn hands-on teishin techniques to treat different psychological symptoms such as PTSD, stress, anxiety, and depression. One-on-one feedback from Funzamizu Sensei will help you take your teishin skills to the next level. Treatment for a variety of conditions will be reviewed.

Participants will learn Funamizu Sensei’s unique sazanami, hamon, and samidare teishin techniques, along with special whole body tapping and stroking techniques to treat stress and anxiety and increase a sense of calm and relaxation. 


August 8-9, 2020

9:00am-5:30pm with a 1-hour lunch

About Funamizu Sensei:

Takahiro Funamizu is the head Instructor at a prestigious acupuncture college in Japan and is a board member of the Meridian Therapy Association. He is famous for his specialization in treating psychological disorders. In 2011, he was part of the medical team that treated victims of the Japanese tsunami and Fukushima earthquake. He is also known for his successful treatment of individuals with mental health conditions who have faced extremely challenging times.


Registration Fee: $500.00 

(credit card payments will incur a 3% convenience fee)


• For cancellations made on or before June 27, 2020- Full Refund*
• For cancellations made after June 27, 2020 – No Refund
*Credit card convenience fees are non-refundable