Taishi Hari in Santa Fe

News / Thursday, January 9th, 2020

Next month in Santa Fe, we are excited to bring Tanioka Noriko Sensei, Tanioka Masanori Sensei’s daughter, for a three-day intensive workshop on the application of Daishi-Hari as the final installment of our Advanced Clinical Applications of Hari Series

Tanioka Noriko Sensei is the daughter of Tanioka Masanori Sensei, one of the most well-known and respected practitioners of Shonihari (pediatric treatment) in Japan. Tanioka Sensei works with with her renowned father, Tanioka Masanori Sensei every day in the family’s Daishi Hari clinic in Yao City, Japan. She brings her extensive clinical experience, kind spirit, and gentle nature to her work. This is her first visit to the U.S. to share with us the diagnostic and treatment techniques honed in the Tanioka family for generations. These techniques are especially useful clinically for pediatric treatment and are also valuable tools in the treatment of patients of all ages whose systems are very sensitive to treatment.

The weekend will involve a clinical portion where students will have the opportunity to observe as Sensei does treatment as well as have the exclusive opportunity to practice the skills they have learned with direct feedback from the teacher. Tanioka Sensei will share her own clinical experiences with specific disease categories and overall treatment of adults and children.

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