Kampo San Diego

News / Tuesday, May 28th, 2019

We at the High Desert Hari Society are gearing up for the Kampo Clinical Training Series beginning in San Diego next month.  We have had the pleasure of joining forces with Nigel Dawes and the New York Kampo Institute to bring another 2 year clinical training program in Kampo Sino Japanese Herbal Medicine.  This is a one of a kind program and opportunity to get truly in-depth training in Kampo –  Chinese Herbal Medicine as it is practiced in Japan today.  This system includes an intricate diagnostic abdominal palpation kata (Fukushin) and the understanding of formulas from the Shang Han Lun from the perspective of the patterns or “sho” that appears in the patient’s body through questioning and the fukushin findings combined.

Students who have participated in the 2 year training program with Nigel in the past have raved about how well the material was taught and how immediately it has changed their herbal success in clinic.  Here’s what a few of them have had to say:

“Excellent Instructor. Knows the material well and is able to deliver it in an understandable way. I’d love to take it again!” ~student in the 2016-2018 series in Santa Fe, NM

“The herbal training I had in acupuncture school feels like it barely scratched the surface of what I needed to know to be successful in clinic and left me more confused than proficient.  After the first module of the Kampo training with Nigel I began to see results in clinic that I had not seen in the 8 years since I started practicing and I felt like I could finally begin to really understand how these formulas work!  This program is worth every penny and every minute of your time if you want to be able to utilize Chinese herbal medicine effectively in your clinical practice.” ~student in the 2016-2018 series in Santa Fe, NM

“A transformative program, very grateful.” ~student in the 2016-2018 series in Santa Fe, NM

If you want to take your herbal practice to the next and more effective level, please consider joining us in San Diego for the next series with Nigel.  We still have a few spaces left!  Visit the information page for the series HERE.