Mr. Murata Morihiro Sensei

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Kasugai City, Aichi, Japan

Murata Morihiro graduated from the Fujita College of Medical Sciences in 1987 with a degree as a clinical laboratory technician. In 1990 he graduated from the Chuwa Acupuncture College and went to work at the Sanri Clinic. He became the student of Shudo Denmei in the same year and between 1992 and 2009 accompanied him on ten overseas seminars in addition to numerous seminars and lectures all over Japan. He opened his practice in Kasugai City of Aichi Prefecture in 1994 where he still has his practice. He is a board member of he Aichi Prefecture Acupuncture Association and an instructor at the annual Meridian Therapy Summer Seminars. He is the top teacher for the Shudo style since Shudo sensei has retired from teaching, and has traveled abroad three times on his own to teach.