Mr. Masanori Tanioka Sensei

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Osaka, Japan

Born in 1940 in Osaka Japan and a graduate of Meiji Acupuncture College, he is the President of the 124 year old Taishi-Hari Clinic in Osaka where he has been a practitioner since 1961. Mr. Tanioka treats from 20 to over 100 children in a day. He is a third generation Taishi-hari practitioner whose family opened the acupuncture clinic in 1888.

He shares openly the skills and techniques that he has continued to develop in the Shoni-Hari realm, drawing from the systems that have been handed down to him and from generation to generation for over a century without holding back any of the secrets of his art.

With more than 50 years of Shoni-Hari experience, Tanioka sensei is a board member of the Acupuncture society of Osaka Fu and has lectured at the Osaka acupuncture college for 24 years. He is an authority on infant acupuncture in Japan. He has treated at least 300,000 infants in his career.