‘Dr. Bear’, Anryu Iwashina

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Morioka City, Iwate, Japan

Dr. Bear is a visually-impaired acupuncturist known for his acuity with non-insertive needle techniques including contact needling and teishin (a non-insertive tool and ‘needling’ method from the classics). In practice for over 35 years in northern Japan, Dr. Bear draws from his experiences with Fukushima Kodo of the Toyohari Association and other teachers for innovative applications rooted in the Huang di Nei Jing (Yellow Emperor’s Classic) and the Nan Jing (Classic of Difficult Questions). Over the last 3 decades, Dr. Bear has refined the art of non-insertive needling techniques to effectively treats complex conditions sensitively, with emphasis on palpation and perceptively understanding and applying the classics in practice.