Hiroki Takeda

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Board Director

Dr. Hiroki Takeda is a native Japanese medicine practitioner. He has been studying Shiatsu, a Japanese body therapy, since 1991.

He received a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Waseda University, Tokyo and Master of Science in Oriental Medicine from Southwest Acupuncture College (SWAC), Santa Fe, NM. He awarded scholarships from both of the institutions: Okuma Memorial Scholarship (Waseda University) and Gentle Tiger Scholarship (SWAC).

He studied Japanese acupuncture and herbal medicine (Kampo), and Chinese acupuncture and herbal medicine. He has received intensive training in Japan on the Japanese meridian therapy acupuncture directly from several master acupuncturists, including Haruki Yoshida and Kazuto Miyawaki. He is a clinical supervisor and an instructor at SWAC. He is a guest faculty member of University of New Mexico, College of Pharmacy and has been a lecturer of complementary and alternative medicine at the university.