Eric Michaelsen

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Secretary of the Board

Eric Michaelsen is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine practicing in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Originally from Michigan, he graduated from Kalamazoo College with dual degrees in English and Japanese before accepting a post with Teach For America in New Orleans. While in Louisiana, he became acquainted with Vietnamese-style acupuncture, which led him to pursue formal study.

Dr. Michaelsen’s style of acupuncture is based in Japanese Meridian Therapy and incorporates sotai and Japanese-style herbal diagnosis. He has published case reporting with Dr. Hiroki Takeda, DOM in the North American Journal of Oriental Medicine. To honor his commitment to Teach For America and ensure economic justice and accessibility for all, he has a weekly sliding scale acupuncture clinic in the International District of Albuquerque.

Dr. Michaelsen divides his time between private practice and research work at Kinesio Group, where he utilizes ultrasound, EEG, and a number of other tools to determine the effects of various CAM interventions, foremost among them Elastic Therapeutic Tape. In that work, he has also collaborated with the International Society of Life Information Science in Chiba, Japan.